Houston has become the most diverse city in America, if not the world’s most diverse city. A 2010 statistic study shows that Houston has about 33% Anglo Americans, 19% African Americans, 40% Latin Americans 8% Asian/Other Americans. Houston is now more diverse than New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and is continuing to grow and become one of the best places to live in the world. This is an amazing accomplishment for Houston, because American philosophies behind being an immigrant county have come to fruition  in a good way.  Houston is a perfect example of how many cultures, ethnicities and religions and work together, cooperate and actually be successful.  Houston was the last city to fall into the most recent recession and the first city out of that recession. Furthermore, Houston is expanding its business development and attracting many entrepreneurs and cutting edge businesses from all over the world. Houston diversity will play in integral part in developing Houston’s future, in the legal, business and cultural realm. Exciting times await!

Ashley Spencer is a licensed attorney with The Spencer Law Firm.  The information in this blog is not intended as legal advice but to provide a general understanding of this legal subject. Readers with legal problems should consult an attorney for advice on their particular situation. The Harris County Bar Association may refer you to an attorney for legal consultation. Please email or call the Harris County Bar Association at (713) 236-8000.

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