Space law attorneys are working diligently to create laws that will regulate the Spaceflight industry, organize and develop an international method that is acceptable by many countries and importantly to protect travelers. Regarding public opportunities, this is a new area of tourism and will probably become a major tourist attraction in the near future, especially, for those who can afford it. According to ABA, space laws will govern operators who are licensed to launch shuttles out to space and require all participants to provide informed consents prior to boarding the spacecraft. These informed consents will probably include acknowledging the high risk involved and even possible death. Additionally, participants will also risk sharing regime power between world governments. Private operators will have to work with governments all over the world in order to determine what cause of action will be taken in the event of a malfunction or necessary emergency landing. Private operators will have to outline the risk of operations for both tourist participants and governments.

Space law experts are optimistic about the impact this newly accessible spaceflight industry will have on generating career opportunities, fuel technological advances, provide financial support to space exploration and maybe even offer faster transportation for international travelers. The first tourism flight to space should be offered in a few years and is estimated to hold a price tag of $90,000 to $200,000 per seat. Space Tourism companies such as Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace’s Expedition Corporation are hoping that once the space tourism levels off, it will gain a substantial amount of experience with technology to begin using a hypersonic transportation system. Expedited international travel is in this world’s near future.

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