We are seeing an increasing number of patients who wish to bring claims against reproductive centers. They fall into the following main categories: exceeding limits on recommended transfer of embryos at one time; inadequate disclosures of complications of multiple births; and recommendations for IVF for women that would not be good candidates.
Reproductive clinics rarely give prospective patients detailed information about the inherent risks of transferring multiple embryos at the same time into the patient. Such risks include complications for the mother during pregnancy such as diabetes or blood clots, multiple births, premature babies and then developmental disorders for the infants. Instead, patients are encouraged to allow the transfer of multiple embryos, all at higher medical costs, to supposedly increase the odds of success.
Finally, there are the unscrupulous clinics which encourage IVF for women that are simply not good candidates. Older women with a history of infertility are not given the low statistical odds of success.

By: Sharon L. Michaels, Attorney at Law

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