Bankruptcy Law

Houston Bankruptcy Lawer

Harris County and Houston Bankruptcy lawyers prepare the schedules or forms necessary for individuals or businesses to file bankruptcies, including Chapter 7 or 13 for individuals or Chapter 7 (liquidation for a business) or Chaper 11 (reorganization for the business). Other issues might be pre-bankruptcy planning, analysis of eligibility for the various chapters of bankruptcy available, reaffirmation agreements in order for the debtor to retain collateral, or modification of a bankruptcy plan in a Chapter 13 case. Creditors might wish to hire an attorney to file proofs of their claims in order their claims be recognized in any distributions by the bankruptcy court, or they may need to file motions to lift the stay or protection of the Harris County or Houston bankruptcy court in order to seize collateral from the debtor or foreclose upon the debtor’s property. If the debtor is willing and able to continue making payments upon the creditor’s secured loans, the creditor may want to have a reaffirmation agreement sent to the debtor’s attorney.

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