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A criminal offense is an offense against society. Criminal offenses are divided into misdemeanors (less serious offenses) and felonies (serious offenses). Crimes can be against a person or property belonging to another. A person charged with a crime usually must hire an attorney to represent them. Bond is set for the person and if bond is made then they must hire an attorney. Sometimes an attorney can obtain pretrial release for a client without having to obtain a bond. Should you believe that you were a victim, contact the police and/or District Attorneys office, as the criminal law services we provide are for defending persons accused of crimes.

Misdemeanors are classified as Class A, B and C misdemeanors. Class C misdemeanors do not require an attorney and they are generally traffic offenses. Class A and B offenses comprise theft, driving while intoxicated, assaults, marijuana possession under four ounces, and various other lesser offenses that are punishable by less than 180 days in jail for Class B and less than one year in jail for Class A. Attorneys usually can obtain probation for clients on misdemeanors. There are two types of probation: Straight probation (conviction on your record) and deferred probation (no conviction as long as you complete the terms of probation).

Felonies are serious crimes that always require an attorney. A retained attorney is usually preferable than a court-appointed attorney. A retained attorney can reduce your bond amount and is accountable to your family and the people retaining the attorney. Felonies are classified as State Jail felony, third degree, second degree and first degree felonies. State Jail felonies often are possession of cocaine less than one gram, marijuana possession of four ounces to five pounds, burglary of building (not habitation), habitual misdemeanor offenses, welfare fraud, and lesser felonies. Third degree felonies are possession of cocaine of one to four ounces, third driving while intoxicated offenses, first offense of driving while intoxicated with a child passenger, theft offenses with property valued over $1500, and other offenses. Second degree felonies often are burglary of habitation and arson. First degree felonies are murder, sexual assault of children under fourteen years of age, and other serious crimes.

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