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Why should I hire a tax lawyer?

Expertise: Tax lawyers are trained in interpreting the tax law, providing legal advice and protecting clients’ legal rights.

Confidentiality: Only your communications with a lawyer are fully protected. CPA communications have a limited privilege with significant exceptions, notably criminal mattersThere is a procedure for lawyers to protect CPAs’ and other consultants’ communications by use of a Bivens letter. 

Tax law is generally broken down between Tax Planning and Tax Controversy.

Tax Planning services include reviewing tax implications of actual or proposed transactions, preparing and reviewing tax related agreements, providing tax opinion letters, requesting IRS rulings, and assisting with tax compliance and reporting obligations. Tax law is so complex and changes so often that proper planning is essential to maximizing clients’ savings in significant transactions.

Tax Controversy includes resolving clients’ tax problems with governmental tax authorities either by settlement or tax litigation. Tax lawyers can be indispensable in compiling evidence during IRS audits that helps resolve disputes early or prepares the case for favorable resolution with the IRS or in court. Having a trial lawyer on your side sends a strong message to the IRS that you are prepared to go to court if necessary which helps facilitate more favorable settlements.

Timing: Tax law is extremely deadline driven and many valuable rights can be lost by not seeking help in time.  If you have an IRS problem, it won’t get better on its own and competent legal advice can save you a lot of money and help you get on track to avoid future tax problems. Resolving tax controversies can take a lot of time and effort on the part of the client in compiling documentation so it is best to start that process as early as possible.

The HCBA’s members include very experienced tax lawyers who are board certified, are both attorneys and CPAs and have former IRS officials on their staff.

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